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4mm DAT/DDS Tape Drive/ Autoloader Repair Specialists

MidWest Technical specializes in repairing 4mm DDS DAT drives – all manufacturers.


History: In 1989, Sony and HP defined DDS format for data storage using DAT 4mm tape cartridges. 4mm DDS format - Digital Data Storage

8mm Tape Drive Repair Specialists

MidWest Technical specializes in repairing 8mm tape drives – all manufacturers.
Exabyte’s tape drive mechanisms were rebranded by other manufacturers:
ADIC, Compaq, HP, IBM and many more.

Exabyte 8mm Tape Drive
  • Exabyte
  • EXB-8200 
  • EXB-8205 
  • EXB-8205XL 
  • EXB-8500
  • EXB-8505 
  • EXB-8505XL
  • EXB-8700 
  • EXB-8900
  • Eliant 820
  • Mammoth (EXB-8900)
  • Mammoth-LT
  • Mammoth 2

History: In 1987, Exabyte Corporation came out with their first 8mm tape drive based on the magnetic tape data storage format.  Exabyte came out with the Mammoth in 1996 and Mammoth-2 in 1999.

Repairs include internal cleaning, preventative maintenance, adjustments to manufacturer specifications and testing.
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