500 YouTube subscribers milestone!

YouTube 500 subscriber milestone

We have just reached 500 YouTube subscribers to our YouTube Channel, repairmytapedrive

Our YouTube videos have had a total of 246,256 views and 9,490 Watch Time (hours). We cover subjects such as; how to remove a stuck tape, how to replace a picker assembly and how to keep your tape drive in good health.

The majority of ideas for videos to post come from our customers. Sometimes, a customer will buy a product from us but aren’t quite sure how to install a picker assembly, power supply or tape drive. We accommodate them by doing a video that walks them through the process. We also have a few videos intended specifically for a certain customers that are private and not public. If there is something you would like to see a video of, just let us know using out Contact Us Form

MidWest Technical Sales, Inc. specializes in the repair and sales of tape drives, autoloaders and tape libraries. We sell and repair products from all manufacturers DELL, IBM, QUANTUM, HP etc. We have been in business for over 30 years, so we have a lot of experience and knowledge to share. Just give us a call to discuss upgrading your equipment or your tape drive repair needs.

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