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AIT Specs
AIT-E Turbo20GBAIT-125/35GB
AIT-1 Turbo40GBAIT-236/50GB
AIT-2 Turbo80GBAIT-3100GB

History: AIT (advanced intelligent tape) is a magnetic tape and drive system used for computer data storage and archiving. The tapes measure eight millimeters (8 mm) across.  A helical scanning technique for data recording optimizes the data transfer rate and the storage capacity.  AIT technology is no longer manufactured by Sony; it started with AIT-1 and progressed in capacity to AIT-5.  The SAIT super advanced intelligent tape was introduced as a SAIT1 and progressed to SAIT2.  The design of the data cartridge for the SAIT looks similar to LTO tapes, this allowed library robots to pick this type of media as well as LTO media in the same library.  This allowed the SAIT to be incorporated with mixed drives and media in many large tape libraries.  Sony also introduced a Fiber Channel interface for the SAIT.  Released in 2006 by Sony, SAIT2 is available only in libraries, 800 GB native and 45 MB/s sustained transfer rate.

Repairs include internal cleaning, preventative maintenance, adjustments to manufacturer specifications and testing.

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