Frequently Asked Questions About Tape Drive Repair Services

A: We charge a $25 evaluation fee.  If the drive is repairable and you elect to go ahead with the repair, the $25 fee is applied towards the repair cost.  Send in a tape drive, autoloader or library and our technicians will test/evaluate to determine problem. We will then give you a quote/estimate of repair cost.  We do not have a flat repair price associated with each product type. Our repair prices charged are dependent on parts required and repair time associated. This benefits the customer; the repair charge reflects tech time required and/or parts required to fix product.

A: We stand behind our repairs with a 6-month warranty on any parts replaced.


A: Customers send in quantities of tape drives, which we repair by using our parts and parts from the customer's supply of nonrepairable tape drives. We have the capability to build working units by swapping assemblies, parts, mainboards, etc.

Two nonrepairable tape drives, one with loader and another with a bad mainboard, can be married together and yield a repaired drive for the customer. The yield program also works very well for a product that has been damaged in shipping, missing parts, cracked plastic, and sprung frames.

A: Credit cards accepted:  VISA, Master Card, and American Express.  We also accept payments via PayPal. For established customers, we accept payment via terms; NET 30, etc.

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