How To Open An HP Tape Drive Enclosure

HP tape drive enclosure
Removing the top cover from an HP tape drive case

These tape drive enclosures are referred to as “Type B” enclosures. Trying to open these HP tape drive enclosures/cases can be a challenge. Most people successfully get them open but end up breaking the plastic clips. The plastic clips are what holds the top and bottom together. Another common causality of opening the case improperly, is removing the rubber ‘feet’ which are then a challenge to get back on.

We have opened hundreds of these pesky cases to get the drive out to repair it. So, we have come up with a method that works flawlessly and will save you from a big headache.

** Note: While we will show you the best way to open these cases without breaking anything on the case, we do not advise that you try to fix the tape drive yourself. Many times a client has tried to remove a stuck tape and ended up doing a lot more damage. See our tape drive repair page for more information on our services.

Step one: using the correct tools.

Get yourself a T10 Torx driver and a standard screwdriver (small, thin blade recommended)

T10 Torx and standard screwdrive

Step two: Remove the T10 screw in the rear of the top cover

Remove T10 screw from back of case

Step three: Unlatch right side of top case

Detach right side of cover

Insert the small flat screwdriver under the top of the plastic case. Push the screwdriver horizontally, do no pry. Make sure you push the screwdriver straight to the right until you see the rear corner of the top case pop loose.

Step four: Unlatch left side of top case

Detach left side of cover

Repeat the process you used on the right side. Remember to push to the left and not to pry.

Step five: Remove the top cover

Lift top cover off of enclosure

Lift the rear of the top cover straight up, then slide forwards a little bit. When putting top cover back on, put the front of the cover on first, then lower the case until it snaps. If it doesn’t go smoothly, do not force the cover down. Reposition the front again by laying it down on the case and sliding it slightly backwards, then lower the back.

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