SDLT DLT Tape Drive/Autoloader/ Library Repair Specialists

Quantum SDLT600

Quantum SuperDLT (SDLT) tape drives

  • SDLT220   
  • SDLT320 
  • SDLT600
  • DLT-S4
Quantum DLT-V4

Value (SDLT) tape drives

  • DLT1
  • DLT-VS80
  • DLT-VS160
  • DLT-V4

Quantum DLT tape drives

  • DLT260 
  • DLT600  
  • DLT2000 
  • DLT4000  
  • DLT7000
  • DLT8000 
  • DLT2000NXT

DEC DLT tape drives

  • TK50/TZ30 
  • TK70 
  • THZ01/Tx85 
  • THZ02/Tx86 
  • Tx87 
  • Tx88
  • Tx89

History: Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) developed DLT(digital linear tape) in 1984. Quantum purchased the DLT technology in 1994. SuperDLT (SDLT) is a DLT format based tape drive with higher capacity.

Repairs include internal cleaning, preventative maintenance, adjustments to manufacturer specifications and testing.
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