Experienced in Repairing Tape Libraries


Our in-house technical team has hands-on experience with
all manufacturers’ autoloader and library components.

Dell Tape Libraries

Dell PowerVault and Dell/EMC

  • TL2000 24-slot library
  • TL4000 48-slot library
  • ML6000 scalable library
  • 124T 16-slot autoloader
  • 122T 8-slot autoloader
  • 132T library
  • 136T library


  • TL1000 9-slot autoloader
  • ML3 scalable library

HPE StoreEver

  • MSL 1/8 8-slot autoloader
  • MSL2024 24-slot library
  • MSL6480 scalable library
  • MSL3040 scalable library

HP StorageWorks

  • G2 1/8 8-slot autoloader
  • HP MSL2024 24-slot library
  • HP MSL4048 48-slot library
  • HP MSL8096 96-slot library
HP MSL4048 Tape Library
IBM TS3200 Tape Library


  • TS2900 9-slot autoloader
  • TS3100 24-slot library
  • TS3200 48-slot library
  • TS3310 scalable library
  • 3581-L38 LTO3 LVD autoloader
  • 3581-F38 LTO3 FC autoloader
  • 3581-L28 LTO2 LVD autoloader
  • 3581-F28 LTO2 FC autoloader
  • 3581-L17 LTO1 LVD autoloader
  • 3581-H17 LTO1 HVD autoloader


  • Superloader 3 8/16 slot autoloader
  • I3 scalable library
  • I500 scalable library
  • i40/i80 Library
Quantum i3 Tape Library
Tape Drive Sales and Repair

MidWest Technical also repairs libraries manufactured by ADIC, Oracle, Overland Data, Spectra Logic, Storagetek, SUN, Tandberg, and more.

Repairs include internal cleaning, preventative maintenance, adjustments to manufacturer specifications and testing.

If you have any questions about autoloader or library repair, call us at 1 (888) 822-TAPE(8273) or complete RMA Repair Request form. Thanks for visiting Midwest Technical, the GO TO PEOPLE in the tape drive repair marketplace. We are the most versatile data storage specialist in the industry.