VXA Tape Drive Repair Specialists

Release Date199920022005NANA
Max Native (uncompressed) Capacity (GB)3380160320640
Max Speed (MB/s)36122448
Track width9.1 μm5.7 μm

Media was released on two families (V and X), with different capacities based on the length of the tape, and the drive it is being used in.

Length (Meters)62m120m170m230m62m124m230m

History: VXA format was originally created by Ecrix who merged with Exabyte. VXA was produced by Exabyte. Tandberg purchased Exabyte November 2006. Tandberg stopped further development of the format (VXA-4, VXA-5). VXA technology was introduced in stages; VXA-1, VXA-2 and VXA-3. The novel part of VXA packet technology is that each stripe starts with a unique packet ID and ends with an ECC packet checksum. As each stripe is written to tape, it is immediately read back to verify the write was successful. If the write was not 100% successful the packet can be rewritten at another point on the tape without stopping. When the data is read back, the packets are reassembled into a "buffer" by their packet ID.  Due to the relatively slow tape speed inherent to helical scan technology, the drive is able to stop and start the tape much more quickly to avoid the need to backhitch.

IBM and others adopted the Exabyte line of VXA tape drives, we repair all manufactures branded VXA drives at Midwest Technical Sales.

Repairs include internal cleaning, preventative maintenance, adjustments to manufacturer specifications and testing.

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